Enable your computer's webcam to correct your posture

Zen mirrors your posture and gently alerts you when you slouch.
Get reminders to stand up, take walk breaks, and stretch.
Learn how to sit/stand comfortably and set up your workstation.

The desktop app uses your camera to monitor your posture, without recording or storing any visuals.

*2-month free trial. $23.99/year or $3.99/month after trial. Risk free. Cancel anytime.

Top performers at top companies trust Zen

Wellness while you work

Zen makes posture simple and easy for you so that you can be healthy and productive while you work.
Posture and workstation tips
Posture Guidance Software
Movement Nudges
Back and Joint Care
Hi I'm Zen. I will help you get that healthy posture you always wanted.
Not sure what healthy posture is? Binge-watch short videos to learn how to sit/stand comfortably and set up a productive workstation.
When you're ready, I'll coach you to healthy posture habits through short posture sessions.
If you slouch, I'll mirror you and gently nudge you to move back into a healthy position.
How? Through privacy-centric posture correction software from your computer... A.K.A. magic.
How about personalized stretch and walk break reminders for back and joint care?
Set goals and keep track of your posture improvements on your personalized dashboard.
Can you believe it? Yes, all this from one 100% privacy-centric desktop app.

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What impact will I feel?

Posture impacts the way you think, feel, look and act.
Relieved Tension
Improved Focus
Boosted Energy
Better Health
Improved Alignment
More Confidence

Backed by science

When using Zen, people report a boost in overall health and productivity
Saw improvements in back and joint health
Reported boosted productivity and alertness
Learned how to sit and work in comfort
*Based on a study using survey data from people who used Zen more than five times per week

People love Zen

Join thousands that are using Zen to boost their workday health and productivity
Nearly all of my patients have decreased back and joint pain using Zen.
Dr. Dawn Swanson
Doctor, Our Lady of the Lake
Privacy is key for me. I'm glad that no visuals are stored or recorded.
Scott Syme
Software Engineer,
American Express
My back feels so much better, and I'm more productive when using the tool.
Matt Hart
Sales Leader, Google

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why does Zen require using my computer camera?

Zen detects your body position with your computer camera to provide alerts when you are slouching. Zen does not record or store any visuals. Learn more about it in our privacy policy.

How does Zen work?

Zen detects your body position with your computer camera to provide alerts when you are slouching. To do that we require access to your desktop computer built-in camera or webcam. Rest assured, Zen does not record or store any visuals.

What hardware do I need?

To use Zen you need a desktop computer or laptop and a webcam.

Does Zen work with a standing desk?

Yes, Zen works with standing and sitting desks.

Can I use Zen during video calls?

Zen works during videos calls for Mac devices. Zen does not work with video calls on Windows devices.

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